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Long Pull Door Handle- The Best Choice for You

A new house or office looks complete when the interior is attractive, thoughtful, and classy. Every new occupant worries about the interiors; it is challenging to get door hardware that is beautiful yet cost-effective. Yet, it is a popular opinion that long pulls are an excellent option for doors. There are many possible reasons as to why you need to select your door handles wisely.

Be it your house or an office, restaurant the door is an essential part of any interior. It is the topmost touchpoint and hence needs to be easy to use and comfortable to hold. Thus one of the best options is to use a long handle that you can hold freely. Also, with longer handles, you do not need to apply extra force. The handle offers you the ease to swing the door open or close.

Why Do You Need A Long Door Handle?

  • Door handles provide you with the comfort with which you may open or close a door without any extra force. Moreover, proper Door Hardware determines the safety and security of the premises. If you cannot pull your door shut, it may leave it slightly open. So to close it tightly, use appropriate hardware.
  • Suppose you are looking for a door handle for your restaurant or cafe. Using a longer handle will allow people of various heights to access the bar, unlike with a shorter one. More space on the hold gives you a better grip making you very comfortable.
  • Door handles increase the accessibility of your space. If someone is differently-abled or for older people, long handles are beneficial. You do not require much upper body strength, and it makes it easier for those who experience difficulty opening or closing a door. 

What Material Are You Using For Your Handle?

Steel is one of the best materials that you may choose for the long pull handles. Not only are they durable, but they look very classy and stylish. Since you need a handle for everyday usage, you must remember to buy something that requires low maintenance. Here is why steel is the best:

It Is Very Strong

Steel is solid metal and is a part of crucial industrial projects. Over the years, the use of steel bars, rods has become more popular. They are very durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. Since everyone needs to access the door, it is better to use steel to avoid falling off easily.

Moreover, it gives you a good grip and does not slip once you get hold of the bar.

Is Not Affected By Weather

There is a reason why stainless steel is so prevalent in kitchens and washrooms. It is resistant to water, and therefore, you do not need to worry about rust. Unlike other materials, steel is not affected by weather and does not shrink or expand due to weather changes. Also, it does not stain easily, so it looks clean and new for many years. 

There are handles that may corrode due to exposure to water. That would make them very fragile, and they will break easily. But you can use a steel lever for many years without having to worry. Hence it is a great investment.

Hygiene Is Everything

Stainless steel handles do not have holes or pores in them. Therefore, if you use them, you can be sure that there will be no dirt or water deposit on the handle. Hence there is being no bacterial growth or ant termite infestation. Cleanliness is the primary concern while choosing hardware; hence buyers need to be careful while picking.

How to Pick the Right Door Handle?

The first consideration while buying a handle is the style. Choosing a simple yet elegant design is wise because it will match the interiors easily. A simple steel handle, straight or bent, will go with every interior. It will give your home or office space a classy, modern, and stylish look.

Choosing a suitable color scheme is also essential. You may select a black or steel-colored handle as it goes with all indoor and outdoor colors. Also, choosing them in this color will prevent them from getting visibly dirty. You must also remember to check the width of the handle. It should be something you can hold onto properly.

A longer handle is more visible to people than a smaller one. Hence, there is no chance that people will bang against it frequently and hurt themselves. Therefore very safe to have around children and older people. If you use curved handles, then even better as can no one can hurt themselves against sharp and pointy corners.

Advantages of Using Door Handles

  • By using a long pull handle, you can avoid staining the door. Often we open or close doors with dirty hands. In that case, if you hold the door directly, you ruin the fiber or wood. It is very difficult to clean a door, much easier to clean a handle.
  • It isn’t easy to push a door open, relatively easier to use the handle. Even opening doors using doorknobs are complicated. Hence, the handle is the best option if you have loads of stuff in your hands and need to enter the building without assistance.
  • The door has a bigger surface area than a handle. Hence, it is easier to clean it, especially for offices and hospitals, where many people use the lever. It is easier to clean the handles at regular intervals during working hours. It minimizes the spreading of germs and diseases.

To Sum It Up You may feel that buying a handle is an easy task. Probably it is once you read a great guideline. Hence you need to keep in mind the purpose of the purchase and your immediate and future concerns. Styling and color compatibility is usually what everyone is thinking. But accessibility, ease, and comfort are other pressing concerns that must take care of. Make an intelligent choice so that you do not need to worry about replacing your handle any time sooner.

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