All The Things You Wanted to Know About House Number Signs

House numbers are crucial to houses for several reasons. Not only will the mailperson need them to deliver mails and packages, but emergency personnel also need them to respond to emergency situations accurately. Choosing LED house numbers is something homeowners have to do with care. It is a point of properly identifying a house.

Why Having House Numbers on Houses Matter So Much

  • Ease Of Delivery people

Most people have emails and packages coming through almost every day. Delivery people will have trouble finding houses that are not marked properly. Having house numbers on display where they can be seen easily makes their work a lot easier.

If you have an urgent package you are waiting for delivery, and your home is not marked, the delivery person will have to ask around to find your house. That is why accurate house numbers matter so much.

It means all your mails and packages will be delivered quickly.

  • Emergency Situations

Another reason why LED house numbers are so important is in the case of an emergency situation. After calling 911, people wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Every minute counts especially if it is a case of a medical emergency. With proper house numbers, personnel will have an easier time finding the correct house.

When time is limited, we don’t want our emergency personnel to knock from door to door trying the find the right house. With a large display for the house number, it is easy for them to do their jobs.

The Right Way To Display House Numbers

Modern LED house numbers are finding favour among homeowners.

  • Directly In The Front

The reason why this is a good idea for both houses and apartments is that such numbers are visible from afar. Anyone who wants to find your house will have no trouble seeing the number and it is useful for mailpersons too.

If you live in an apartment, you can hang the apartment number directly on your door. This will ensure that yours will be easy to find even if there are more apartments on the same floor.

  • By The Street

You can also post the house number on side of the street on a post. If your house is a bit away from the street, putting the number on the street allows for high visibility. You can also put the sign on a piece of material made from fire-resistant material.

  • On The Driveway Entrance

This is another great place to put LED house numbers. This works in case your house is not visible from the street and you have a driveway. You can put it right at the entrance.

In case there is one driveway that can be accessed by more than one house, each house number has to be posted on the driveway as well as on each house. This ensures that they can be all found with ease.

  • For Commercial Premises

The same rules apply. Commercial premises should also have house numbers installed so that customers and other people can easily find them.

How To Choose House Signs

  1. The Right Size

When it comes to modern LED house numbers, the correct size matters. Visibility is the most important factor so you need to choose something big enough. House numbers must be at least 4 inches tall.

It is a good thing to measure the space where you want yours installed and then find out a size that seems right. It is about visibility, but for homeowners, it is also about aesthetics. Write down the measurements before you go shopping.

  • Illuminated Or Not?

This is personal a choice for the particular homeowner. Illuminated house numbers can be great for a lot of reasons:

  • They are visible from afar and therefore it will be easier for anyone to find your house.
  • They bring more aesthetic appeal to your home. They can make the entrance to a home look better.
  • They are not hard to maintain at all. Between illuminated and non-illuminated, the first choice just offers more value.
  • The Right Material

When choosing house number signs, it is a good idea to check out the material that has been used. There are a few materials commonly used like stainless less and plastic. Stainless steel is a superior option because of the durability and aesthetic appeal it offers.

Plastic is not a good material if you want your house to reflect your eco-friendly spirit. That is why choosing stainless steel or another metal is a better option. It won’t fall apart anytime soon.

  • Power Source For LED Signs

If you have chosen LED house numbers for your home, understanding the power source is important. It should be of high quality and should be able to connect more than one number if needed.

  • Protection From Natural Elements

It is normal for house number signs to be a witness to different types of weather. That is why it is necessary to choose one that is weather resistant. You want yours to last you a considerable amount of time without much wear and tear.

Maintenance Of House Number Signs

It is up to the homeowner to maintain the house number. Not much actually requires to be done other than keeping it clean.

  • This can be achieved quickly by giving it a wipe every few days and getting all the dirt and dust off.
  • Buy quality products so that they are durable and don’t chip or wear down.

Good House Signs Can Make A Positive Impact

Appearance has always mattered to people, and now more so than ever. Having a house that looks good on the exterior means people will like it from the word go. With modern LED house numbers, homeowners can easily achieve an attractive look for their homes.

At Prima Decorative Hardware, choose from a variety of house signs and numbers. From stainless steel ones to quality power plug adapters to affix them with, you will be able to find everything you need to fix up a house sign. They also have a range of hardware products for commercial and residential spaces.

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