How to Measure Sizes

To accurately measure sizes for registers or grilles, follow these steps:
Remove Existing Register or Grille (if possible): This ensures you can measure the actual opening accurately.
Measure the Opening: Start by measuring the width and length. For instance, if the opening measures 4 inches wide by 10 inches in length, you would need a 4″x 10″ floor register.
Consider Interior Dimensions: The register or grille’s actual interior dimensions will be slightly smaller to accommodate the frame and damper assembly. The damper usually drops into the hole about 1.5 inches or so, so ensure sufficient clearance in your ductwork for this.
Note Outer Dimensions (Face Plate): The outer dimensions, or face plate, will be more significant to ensure it fits on the finished surface and covers the rough opening entirely.
Consider Functionality: Floor registers often regulate air (cold or warm) and come with a damper at the back to control airflow. The damper should drop into the hole/opening in your floor and include a movable plate.
Grille Features: Grille outer face plates typically include countersunk screw holes to attach the grille to the wall with matching screws securely.
In Case of Existing Register or Grille: If you cannot remove the existing register or grille, measure the outside of the existing piece. However, it’s advisable to seek assistance in this scenario.
Customization: We can create custom registers and grilles to fit any opening size. Simply provide us with the opening size, and we will assist accordingly.
Avoid Measuring the Face Plate: For accurate sizing, it’s crucial not to measure the face plate of the existing register.
By following these steps, you can ensure the correct sizing for registers and grilles, whether replacing or customizing them for your needs.

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