Elegant cabinet hardware to suit any style or design. Our cabinet hardware is fashioned from quality materials so that they don’t have to be replaced.  Exceptional quality and a subtle artistic touch goes into the design of all of our cabinet hardware.

There are a great many things that add to the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom’s aesthetics. Ranging from the tile design, the flooring, walls, and other ensembles, all these add up to make your kitchens and bathrooms unique and pleasing to the eye. Of all these ensembles, cabinets are one of the most important items that need special attention while you plan your room’s renovation and remodeling. Not only do cabinets add to the aesthetics but they also serve an important function i.e. storage.

As important is the choice of selecting a cabinet that is built with high-quality material and crafted by quality craftsmen, equally important is the choice of the cabinet’s hardware. At Prima Decorative Hardware, we deal in the highest quality cabinet hardware including ring pulls, handles, and knobs. As cabinets help with the aesthetics of your room, cabinet hardware is an important element of the aesthetics of your cabinets alongside enabling you to open and close your cabinets and drawers with ease. Therefore, you need to choose the very best of these, and at Prima Decorative Hardware, we deal in only the best quality and design cabinet hardware.

There are three main types of cabinet hardware you can choose from: ring pulls, handles, and knobs. While all of these perform essentially the same function, opening and closing of the cabinets without much hassle, the difficulty in choice arises because you want to make sure that it is the perfect fit according to your kitchen’s or bathroom’s design. We will provide you information about their pros and cons, their applications, features, finishes, etc. to give you a basis to select one when you have your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling.