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How to Choose a Perfect Air Return Grill: A Complete Overview

If you are planning to invest in air return grills for your home, it is good to have a clear perception of them. A perfect selection of return grills will enhance the performance and longevity of the HVAC system of your property. Besides this, you may always consider return air vent covers as additional decorative material for your home.

Basics of an Air Return Grill

If your building has a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, it will contain a number of openings that control the movement of air. These openings are generally covered with some grillwork or covers, known as air grills or air vent covers.

    In a cooling or heating system, the air conditioner or the furnace extracts air from indoors through a duct system. And at the same time, it also pulls in air through return vents to maintain thermal comfort. That is where the functionality of air return grills comes into place.

How does an Air Return Grill work?

The return air grills cover the air vents and a register that controls the flow of air inside the room. Most grills are customized according to the shape of the vent. And the amount of air permitted through the return grill can also be controlled. So that you can avail thermal comfort in summer as well as in winter. 

  Return air vent covers also conceal the ductwork so your property gets a cool decorative look. Foreign particles present in the air are the biggest threat for your HVAC unit which may enter while suctioning air from surroundings. Return grills can significantly prevent entering these objects. These grills often come up with a fitter inside it which filters the small particles present in the air.

Things to consider before choosing Air Vent Covers

When it comes to select a particular grill or cover for your building, there is not much distinction between various products available in the market. But if you prioritize your need first then certainly you can choose the most efficient product. Some key measures to pick the most suitable one are as follows.  

  • Size of the Product:  

The foremost criterion for picking one particular grill for you is to measure your vent opening size. You will find an end number of products with different sizes in the market. But the circulation of air through the HVAC unit will only be efficient enough if you choose the perfect size grill for it. 

Remember every HVAC system has different specifications according to the ventilation required for a particular building. So do not manipulate your neighbor’s or colleague’s air vent size. Sometimes tampering with the vent openings to fit the wrong size grill forcefully may also affect the functionality of your ventilation system. However, you may always hire an HVAC expert for this to get the job done.

  • Choose which Features You Need:

To increase the longevity of the HVAC unit, a filter must be installed. In most buildings, the furnace or air conditioner comes with an inbuilt filter in it. But if there is no such kind of setup, you may consider the air grill with filter fitted in it. Apart from this, you can go for the grills which are completely hand-crafted and re-paintable. It will give an aesthetic look to your ventilation system.

  • Quality of the Return Air Vent Covers:

This is also an important factor to consider before purchasing your product. A good material like cast iron or cast aluminum grill will last longer than the ordinary one. It may feel a bit expensive initially, but in long term, it will be a wise investment for your home.

For great durability, you may also consider products with a powder-coated finish. This powder coating finish will not only protect the vent cover from wear and tear but also give an elegant look to your home. A good powder-coated air vent cover will also prevent your product from rusting.

  • Installation of Air Grills:

Placement of the grill on the duct is also vital in terms of selecting the perfect product for your residence. These days you can find grills which can be fitted on floors, ceilings or walls. So examine your duct system and order your product accordingly. Also, consider choosing the grills which are easy to install and also include pre-drilled mounting holes and matching screws.

  • Consider the Decorative side of the Grill:

We all know how much the aesthetic interior looks of our home mean to us. Keeping this in mind, there are some reputed return grills manufacturer brands that come up with multiple color options. You may select the color according to your home decor. Also, you will get matching screws for mounting them in your system.

  • Choose the Right Brand:

Last but not the least, it is highly recommended that you should always go for a brand which offers quality products and good technical support. A renowned brand always offers a product with more durability. And you can always get installation support as well as maintenance support if you choose your brand wisely.

Besides the quality and durability, you can also customize your air vent grills. Many reputed manufacturers nowadays offer customized products according to the need of the customer’s interior home decor. Irrespective of the theme, style, size, or color, they can craft the entire grill for you.

Maintenance of Air Return Grills

Air grills often required very little maintenance. But over time the suction process may gather some dust. So we recommend dusting your grills or covers at least once every quarter to keep the efficiency of your system high. Otherwise, undisturbed dust may block the filter of the grills and the natural cooling or heating capacity of the system will be hindered.

If the cleaning or maintenance process is ignored for a long period of time, it may clog the filters. Eventually, the clogged filter will increase the noise level of the HVAC system. And it will also put an optimal strain on the fans and the blowers.

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