A Complete Guide To Buying And Maintaining Door Hardware

Thinking of going to the store to pick up some doorknobs? Well, there are so many choices available that you may find it a little difficult to do so. The world of door hardware is large, and making the right choice often depends on the kind of information you have.

That is why you need to find out as much as possible about it before delving into it. Thankfully, this blog tells you all you need to know about buying hardware for your doors as well as maintaining them after they have been installed.

How To Buy The Right Hardware Products For Your Door

  • Determine Your Style

Your style determines everything in your home, so why not this as well? Find an aesthetic style that pleases you and choose hardware that meets it closest. You may think that a doorknob is not much and you can buy right about anything, but when it goes with the rest of the architectural style of your house, it looks a lot better.

Some hardware is just plain ugly and you don’t want to buy them for sure! Think handles in ungainly colors! So whether your aesthetic style is traditional or modern, ornate or sleek, you should choose hardware that goes with the look.

  • Count The Total Number Of Doors

This is something simple but few homeowners do it: count the number of doors you have before buying a style of interior door hardware. You may be in for a bit of surprise if you don’t count properly! You may find yourself falling short of a couple of door handles, which will mean driving to the store once again!

It is also important to not just count the big doors, but also count the closets, laundry room, basement entry as well as your  garage door. Now you may not want to change all the hardware for all the doors, but having a cohesive look throughout the house is a great idea.

  • Types Of Door Hardware Available

Some of the most useful and common types of hardware available for doors are:

  1. Door Pull Handle: You need this to pull open and close the door. There are myriad varieties of this available and you have to choose one according to your needs.
  2. Multi-Point Lock Trim Set: This is an interior door hardware choice you can buy if you want a lock that has multiple points of access.
  3. Euro Profile Cylinder: This is a lock system that is mainly used for industrial purposes, but it is also used for residences. Bathrooms find this lock favourable because of its both side key facility, as well as one side knob and one side key option.
  4. Door Knockers: This is the hardware you need to buy for your front door. You can also have them for bedrooms. People can use it to knock and it is an old-fashioned way of announcing one’s presence. If a traditional style is more your take, this is a lovely choice.
  5. Door stoppers: These are integral hardware for homes. Door stoppers literally stop doors from closing and can prevent accidents. They are used to keep doors in their place and are available in many styles.
  6. Door Hinges: This is another piece of hardware you must look into. From stainless steel to darker hues, there are quite a few options available. Though this may not be exactly a very visible part of your home, quality hinges for your doors can make them more durable.
  7. Touch-Free Door Pulls: If touch-free is your style, then go for touch-free products for your door hardware. From door arm pulls, to sanitiser dispenser stands, these are products that can add more comfort to a house.
  • Get Your Tools In Order

The good news is you can install most of this hardware yourself as long as you are equipped with the right tools. You need a screwdriver and other simple tools to get it done. Of course, you can always call for a professional to do the needful if DIY is not your style.

Maintenance Of Your Door Hardware

After you have bought the hardware of your door and got them installed, it is a good idea to have some idea about how to maintain them. Doors are something most of us use very casually and very often. That is why the wear and tear are not really slight.

However, there are a few ways you can make the most of the hardware you invest in though.

  1. Lubricate: This is something you absolutely need to do at least once every 6 months. If it is a door that is used often, don’t miss out on doing this. Door closers and door hinges must get the lubricating oil treatment in a way so that it runs out to the bottom. This will keep the whole mechanism lubricated.

You can use a bottle with a spout to lubricate. You must take the time to lubricate your interior door hardware just before colder season sets in. This will prevent freezing. This does not apply to electronic locks.

  • Adjusting: It is a good idea to get an adjustment to the hardware in your door by a professional technician. He will check for the tightness of the hinges and other parts and make sure everything is working optimally.
  • Use With Care: As with everything in your house, it is really up to the members to ensure that hardware is issued with care. It is a good idea to not bang and slam doors as much as possible. This is because such actions can decrease the lifespan of the hardware, be it knobs, pulls or hinges.

At Prima Decorative Hardware, shop for the latest in interior door hardware by dropping in at our showroom. We have high-quality doorknobs, hinges, Touch-Free Foot Pull Door Openers, and other home hardware supplies available for you to select from.

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