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Choosing Air Return Grills: All You Wanted To Know About Them

If you have an HVAC unit in your house and thinking of investing in air return grills, knowing as much about them as possible is a good idea. The right grille helps the air being pulled out of the room efficiently and swiftly thus ensuring comfortable temperatures in all weathers.

This is a product that helps in recycling the air through the central HVAC system and also supplies hot and cool air in the rooms so that all the parts of the house enjoy a comfortable temperature. If you want to enjoy enough heating and cooling throughout all parts of the house, then considering these and return air vent covers is a smart thing to do.

What Are Air Return Grills?

These are products that are structured to provide comfortable heating and cooling in a house. They pull out the air from a room as well as provide circulation to the HVAC system. This is done without putting pressure on the house.

They are usually a permanent fixture and are installed on the wall, in an opening on the floor, or on the ceiling, depending on the wishes of the homeowner. They are so important that circulation is almost impossible without them working in tandem with return air vent covers.

What Are Air Vent Covers?

These are products that are an integral part of your HVAC system. They basically let the air inside your house return to the system to be heated or cooled. They work by maintaining the proper temperature in the house.

After air gets returned to the system, it is filtered after which it is returned to the house again.

Choosing these with care will help you increase the efficiency of your HVAC system.

A Few Things To Know About Air Return Grills

  1. The Right Size

This is the most important thing to measure and calculate. There is no particular size that will fit all HVAC systems and that is why it is crucial to choose something that is the right fit. For this, you need to measure the opening of the system, to find the grill that is the right size.

Yes, larger sizes grills will indeed be more expensive, but that is something you have to bear. Choosing a different size will mean that your HVAC system is not getting the right product to work efficiently.

Also, you must not try to change the opening before talking to an expert professional. Understand that the opening was built keeping in mind your house’s specifications, and changing it will cause problems in the heating and cooling system. Keep to it and buy a grill that is the right size.

  • Quality Of The Grill

This is also very crucial. You need an air return grill that is of high quality. Your best choice is to choose cast iron ones if longevity and aesthetic appeal are important to you. With cast iron, you can be assured that you are choosing the very best in quality.

It is also a good idea to buy something that is made for your particular HVAC system.

Decorative grills are available with designs you can choose from.

  • Placement Of The Grill

This is something to consider before buying. In case the duct installation hasn’t been done, it is best to ask an expert professional for advice. If it has been done, then the grill will be placed above it.

  • A Reputed Brand

It is in your best interests to choose a product that is of a reputed brand. Choosing a company that has been in the business of grills will mean that you are choosing a high-quality premium product. If installation or anything else goes wrong, you can always ask for help from such a company.

How Do Air Return Grills Work?

They work by connecting to the ductwork of your HVAC system. They allow the air to return to the system so that it can be recycled properly and keep even temperatures within a house.

No matter what your HVAC system is like, or what model it is, it will have a system where hot and cold air is pushed into room viaducts. This ultimately works at increasing the pressure of the air in the room and after a certain period will prevent any other air from coming inside unless there is a proper circulating system in place.

That is why there needs to be a circulating system in every HVAC unit to relieve the air pressure. This happens through ducts that allow the air to be re-circulated in a particular area or even vented totally outside.

The return air grill is what covers such ducts and regulates the flow of the air. They also work by closing off the ducts so that they cannot be seen easily. Depending on how your HVAC system has been designed, the grill can be placed on the floor or somewhere on the ceiling or the wall.

It is important to not put or install anything near such grills as they may cause interference during operation. They should be allowed to function as designed.

This is a product that requires little maintenance. The suction action may pick up some dust over time and that is why a little dusting is required every now and then to keep it away. If the dust is kept undisturbed in a space that gathers moisture naturally, it may lead to rust.

That is why dusting the area should be done at least once a year to make sure dust does not gather and block the entrance of the grill. In fact, if you think that your HVAC system is making a lot of noise, then it may be because of dust has gathered. Dust it and it should be fine.

At Prima Decorative Hardware, you can find a wonderful collection of grills and return air vent covers that are decorative in style. They are handcrafted and made of cast iron, which means they are going to last for a long time in your home.

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