Linear Design 6″ x 24″ Cast Aluminum Air Return Grille [VR-109]

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  • Replacing or buying new Durable Air Return Grills/Vent Covers for your Home: This Cast Aluminum 6″ X 24″ size fits most Standard air duct opening sizes for side walls, ceilings, and floors – Indoor use. It returns cold air from the room for better circulation. These air return grills are sand cast, hand-crafted, and finished. The vent cover’s overall top Faceplate Size is 8″x 26″. The face plate thickness is 5mm. Listed product sizes refer to the duct opening measurements. In most cases, the outer dimensions of the cover faceplate are 1″ or longer on each side/direction.
  • Designs/Pattern: – The VR-109 model features a Modern Linear design in various colors and finishes to complement modern or contemporary home interiors. These air return grills are hand-crafted and finished, offering beautiful contrast on your side walls or ceiling. For the 109 Model, the edges have been squared off, so it can be installed as a drop-in Grill or a flush mount and can be painted to match your wall colors.
  • Air Return Grills: This air return grill efficiently extracts cold air from a room for better circulation, aiding in temperature regulation within the space, and recycles it through the system to be further conditioned for the required temperature. This VR 109 model has a linear design that is most popular for modern homes.
  • Finishes & Sizes: Comes in various finishes and sizes to match any decor. It is made of cast aluminum rust-free material; the baked-on powder coat fine grain matte finish provides extra protection that lasts long and can be re-painted using metal spray paint of any color to match your decor.
  • Easy to Install: It is very easy for any homeowner to install and maintain. This air return grill comes with pre-drilled countersunk holes and matching screws. It can be installed on either ceiling, floor, or walls. Just drop it / insert it into the duct opening and screw them to the surface of the wall or ceiling. If used as a flush mount Grill, you need to trim your wall material so that the thickness of your wall material is the same as the grill faceplate. Trimming the wall material to match the grill faceplate’s thickness is recommended if used as a flush mount. It’s suggested to paint the duct opening a dark color to conceal anything behind the cover.
  • Available In stock: Ships within 1 to 4 business days from Canada.
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6 x 24 Cast Aluminum Air Return Grille

The Prima Decorative Cast Aluminum Air Return Grilles (6” x 24”) are built to last long and provide a fashionable edge to the home. The 6” x 24” size fits most standard sized air duct openings and blends into the wall/floor/ceiling with its beveled edges. They come in three brilliant finishes – Black, Brown, White, to help choose the perfect fit for every home. These easy to install air return grilles can be installed by just dropping them into the air duct opening. However, they also come with countersunk holes and matching screws.

Beveled Edges of Cast Aluminum Air Return Grille

The beveled edges are designed to help the air return grilles to blend in with the wall/floor/ceiling and give the home a rich look.

Long Lasting Cast Aluminum of Air Return Grille

The cast aluminum the air return grille is made of is rust free and durable. The air return grilles are designed without breaking or bending. If and when required, they can also be repainted.

Easy to Install and Maintain Air Return Grille

The Air Return Grilles are incredibly easy to install and maintain. To install, the grilles can just be dropped into the air duct opening and that’s it. It is done. To clean the air return grille, brushing them with a dry brush is enough.

Various Finishes and Colors of Air Return Grilles

Our Air Return Grilles are available in various colors and finishes to suit every modern, contemporary home efficiently. The three finishes of the air return grilles are available in are – Black, Brown, White, which will put an edge to the home.

Air Return Grill VR109 1
Air Return Grill VR109 2
Air Return Grill VR109 3
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Air Return Grill VR109 5
Air Return Grill VR109 6
Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 27 in

68.58 × 22.86 × 5.08 cm


1.86 kg

Face Plate

8″x 26″


5 mm




Black, Brown, White




Prima Decorative Hardware

Part No.



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