Appliance Pull / Door Handle Single Side – Square 36″ C/C Stainless Steel Bar 25mmx25mm

$ 120.0$ 160.0 (CAD)

  • Appliance Pull Handle Square, Single Side with Bolt through Fixing Hardware (Tubular Square Bar Thickness: 1.5 mm) Total Length: 37″ (940 mm) S.S. 304 Grade, 25x25mmsquare bar, C/C holes 36″, sold as single pc.
  • Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen: The exquisitely designed Prima Modern / Contemporary Style Appliance Pull elevate the appearance of your kitchen appliances. Its sleek design and durable construction add a touch of sophistication to your space.
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel 304 grade, this appliance pulls guarantees durability and resilience against corrosion. Its 1.5mm tubular square bar ensures a sturdy grip while maintaining a modern aesthetic.
  • Pulls can be used for appliances that are housed in cabinets and/or covered in wood panels, allowing you to coordinate the look of your kitchen.
  • This versatile pull handle is not limited to refrigerators alone. It perfectly suits appliance cabinet doors, shower doors, wardrobe doors, drawers, cupboards, closets, storage drawers, freezer drawers, bottom-mount refrigerators, dishwashers, wooden doors, fibreglass doors, glass doors, and more.
  • Available in two convenient sizes, 18″, 24 and 36″ center-to-center (C/C) pulls, allowing you to choose the ideal fit for your specific requirements. Appliance Door Pulls, come with complete fixing hardware and through-bolt end cap installation.
  • Premium Finish Choices: Select from multiple elegant finishes, including Stainless Satin Steel, PVD Gold, and Black. The durable coating ensures long-lasting performance while maintaining its aesthetic appeal for years.
  • We make custom sizes and finishes for Appliances Pull, on orders.
  • In Stock: Ships within 2 to 3 business days from Canada
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Single door handle with through bolt
Sold as single pc.
25X25X914mm C/C Appliance Square Single Side Pull Handle with Bolt through fixing hardware
Tubular square bar thickness 1.5 mm) Total Length 37″ (940 mm)
MATERIAL: 304 Grade Stainless Steel Bar construction
DESIGN: Modern / Contemporary -Square
HEIGHT: 70mm
DEPTH: 45mm
TOTAL LENGTH 940mm (37″)
Centre to centre holes 36″ (914)
Mounting hardware included (Concealed bolt through 2 bolts)
Screw Size: M8

Appliance Pull Resize 01
Appliance Pull Resize 02
Appliance Pull Resize 03
Appliance Pull Resize 04
Appliance Pull Resize 05
Appliance Pull Resize 06
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 3.5 × 1.75 in

PVD Black, PVD Gold, Satin Steel


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