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Air Vent Deflectors: Do You Need One?

If inconsistent temperatures around your house are disrupting your mood, you don’t have to deal with it any longer. The solution is to choose air vent deflectors. Hot and cold temperatures inside the same house are a problem many homeowners face.

A deflector for the air vent can also be known as an air vent diverter. It is a great way to maximize the output of your HVAC system. They can be the answer you were looking for to control temperatures inside the home a lot better.

What Is Air Vent Deflector?

It is an accessory for your HVAC system and it changes the way it operates. Such an accessory works by allowing you to adjust and redirect the vent for more temperature control inside a house. If insufficient blowing and inconsistent hot and cold temperatures inside the house is a problem you have, then this accessory will be able to solve it.

The best thing about this accessory is that it saves energy and results in an HVAC system that will last longer.

How Does It Work?

Air vent deflectors unblock the air in a room. Many times air gets stuck behind furniture, curtains, and appliances or under a sofa. The deflector works by unblocking the air that is stuck and improving the airflow in the room.

A deflector can be used in all these places to create a more even hot and cold temperature in a home.

How To Make The Most Of Your Air Vent Deflector

To do so, there are a few tips you can use:

  • Use It Underneath Furniture

 Floor air vent deflectors are a great way to redirect heating and cooling from vents that are placed in odd positions around your home. For example, many times they may be found below furniture. This makes it very hard for the air to circulate.

When you place a vent deflector under the furniture, this becomes a non-issue.

  • In Rooms Not Used Regularly

There may be rooms in your home that are not used regularly. If you find yourself closing off the vents in those rooms, it may lead to more discrepancy in the overall heating and cooling output of your home.

Instead, you should use floor air vent defectors to make sure that air is pushed out of those rooms and there is more movement throughout the house.

  • A Draft

A draft in a room can create discomfort. Make sure you and your family are comfortable all year round, by having a deflector placed over the vent near the draft.

  • Behind Curtains

It is easy for air to get stuck behind curtains, especially the ones that go from floor to ceiling. When put behind them, the deflector can make the air inside a room feel more comfortable.

Benefits Of Buying A Floor Air Vent Deflector

  1. Unblock The Airflow

The most important benefit to be enjoyed is that the air inside of homes can get blocked. A deflector is a wonderful way to unblock it and ensure that the heating and cooling of the HVAC system is distributed properly throughout the house.

  • Redirecting Air Flow

A big problem that many homeowners face with their HVAC systems is that there are hot and cold areas in the house. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it is best to choose a deflector to redirect the airflow.

  • Better Temperature Control

Most homeowners would prefer to be as comfortable in their homes as possible. This includes keeping the temperatures inside comfortable for all. This may not happen easily, especially if the HVAC system is not functioning optimally.

An air vent deflector helps you to control temperatures inside your home more effectively.

  • Lower Electricity Bills

When an HVAC system is not working properly, it can easily lead to higher electricity bills. To prevent this from happening, buying a floor air vent deflector is a great idea. When the heating and cooling gets distributed well inside the house, the electricity bills will be lowered automatically.

  • Increase Lifespan Of HVAC system

HVACs don’t come cheap. If you are like most homeowners, you need to make sure that it enjoys a long lifespan. A deflector can work in that regard. It can help you get the most of your HVAC system.

  • Easy To Install

Many times homeowners have trouble deciding on a particular appliance or accessory because they may seem a pain to get installed. But the deflectors are accessories that pose no problem in this regard. They just have to be placed on vents and no tools are required.

Mounting tape can be used to keep them in place.

Closing the HVAC Vent

If you are wondering whether closing the vent of your HVAC is better than buying an air vent deflector, the answer is a resounding no. why? Read on to find out.

If you think that closing the vent, especially if it is in an unused room of the house, is a better option, think again. Even if you close the vent, the HVAC system is still going to produce the exact same amount of heated or cooled air!

It basically does not matter whether the vent is closed or not.

In fact, you can be spending more money on your electricity bills if you close the vent than if you would keep it open. So no, closing the vent to save energy is just not a smart thing to do.

Caring For Your Air Vent Deflector

It is not just important to clean and take care of your HVAC system. It is as important to clean your vent deflector as well.

Things like changing the filter, cleaning with a cloth, and drying it out before switching on the system are to be done monthly.

This will lead to a better distribution of heating and cooling in your home.

Prima Decorative Hardware has air vent deflectors that are made of cast aluminum and iron, which makes them more durable and longer-lasting than plastic ones available in the market. You can even repaint them with metal paint if needed. Handcrafted and hand-finished, they are a high-quality HVAC accessory.

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