Gate Speakeasy Grille Iron Flat Bar Twist Design 105

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Gate Speakeasy Grille Iron Flat Bar Twist Design 105

  • This Speakeasy Door and gate Grille will make a grand look on your door or gate. Interior privacy door, these heavy duty units help assure your personal safety in classic style.
  • Grilles are attached on the door providing security and styles to match the door or architectural design. The grilles are black in color and are powder-coated for durability.
  • Size:15.5″ x 12.5″ Projection 1.5″, Flat Bar : Twisted design
  • Iron flat bar ,Handmade, Sturdy Construction
  • In stock – Ships within 1 to 4 business days from Canada
  • See Product Specifications

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Gate Speakeasy Grille Iron Flat Bar Twist Design 105 Material: Iron flat bar Flat Bar :Twisted design Size:15.5″ x 12.5″ Projection 1.5″ Fastening hardware included Finish : Black Powder Coated Best for Fence gate Black Powder Coat- A baked-on finish that is virtually maintenance free and is permanent Sizing , Openings and Attach to your new or existing fence or gates iron speakeasy door grille provides a great finishing and functional touch to any solid wood passage door, wood gates and even garage doors. to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Mount over and on doors, gates, and other outdoor and indoor locations for that perfect finishing touch to any decor theme you’re going with.
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